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Brendon Burns: Mansplainin’

Wednesday, 14 February 2018
Time: 8:15pm (9:10pm)Doors open: 7:55pm
Entry: £5 OR PWYW
Genre: Solo Show, Satire

WORLD PREMIERE BRAND NEW HOUR! Brendon Burns, host of the internationally acclaimed Dumb White Guy podcast, Edinburgh award winner and renowned berserker with terrible ideas has written A BRAND NEW HOUR ALREADY! Defending and redefining masculinity. But for festivals he's gonna pop on an oestrogen patch and reduce his testosterone levels to see if his stance changes at all over the course of the hour. Could be funny, could be a proper f***ing car crash where a shouty, testosterone-fuelled, swaggering, axe-wielding Aussie winds up in a crumpled mess blubbering and longing for that Pixar film that he lets himself cry at. "... You have only ever really toked on pure socio-political comedy. With Brendon you are mainlining… respect, sir. And not a little awe." ***** Kate Copstick, The Scotsman "A truly terrible idea, why must you always come up with things that are dangerous to your mental and physical health?" Brendon's manager, Andy Townsend, The Galton Agency. Warning! May contain graphic and explicit material that some may find offensive but, upon consideration, most will find to be perfectly reasonable and entirely morally defensible. Plus. May contain mild peril and fantasy spiders* *Contains no actual fantasy spiders Please note, the date and time are not as advertised in the brochure.

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