The UK Pun Championships

A total sell out for the past 3 years, The UK Pun Championships arrives at its new home De Montfort Hall on Punday (er, Monday) 13th February. Celebrating the great British pun with contestants from across the UK. “A pantomime atmosphere.” (Chortle)

The winner of this hugely anticipated event will follow in the footsteps of previous winners Darren Walsh, Leo Kearse and Masai Graham.

Leicester Comedy Festival is delighted to announce the 8 contestants that will be punning head-to-head as part of the live competition in February. It was a hard decision process with more entries than ever before and many applicants reaching the high competition standard.

Congratulations to…

  • Iain MacDonald
  • Samanthan Baines
  • Lovdev Barparga
  • Colin Leggo
  • Nigel Lovell
  • Richard Pulsford
  • Julian Lee
  • Ryan Brown

The competition is a major part of Leicester Comedy Festival and follows the format of a rap battle.  Topics are picked randomly on the night and competitors then take it in turns to pun about that particular topic. Audiences vote for their favourite pun (by way of woops & cheers) and the winner goes through to the next round.  After a full evening of pun based comedy, 2 finalists then fight it out until a winner is crowned.

For info on past winners, current contestants and video clips see the UK Pun Championship website

…we’ll be seeing you in February. Where there can be only one winner.