Greening the Laughs – A Charter for Sustainability at Leicester Comedy Festival

In our 26th year, we have chosen to renew our commitment to environmental sustainability by renewing our ‘Greening the Laughs Charter’ and working with local volunteers at to act, support, encourage, challenge, incentivise ourselves, our artists, staff, venues and audience members to make greener choices at our festivals and beyond. To see a list of our Green venues and find out more about our 50 shades of Green venue award click here.

As festival organisers we know how to create unforgettable experiences and how to inspire people. We know how to get things done in challenging circumstances and we are accomplished at communicating with audiences.

We in the comedy industry recognise that our planet is facing several critical threats. We recognise that we can have a role in responding to these and we want to do so. We know that our artists, staff and audiences also want a more ethical and profound response to these issues. What’s more as the UK’s longest running comedy festival we realise that we’re in a unique position to support venues, artists and audiences in ways that mean that lower-impact choices might last beyond the festival itself.

It is well within our reach to turn our industry into an exemplar of environmental responsibility. We can make a vital and significant contribution to a future that we want our children to inherit.

Leicester Comedy Festival is committed to reducing our impact on the environment.

The Greening the Laughs Charter sets out our intentions to lower our own impact and to make it easier for artists, staff, venues and audience members to make greener choices at our festivals and beyond.

This charter commits us to working towards lowering impact by working on the following themes:

  • Transport and travel
  • Energy and power
  • Materials and equipment
  • Food and Drink
  • Waste
  • Festival content

We will use a variety of means to effect change. These will include:

  • Action – Core festival management changes e.g. reviewing LCF’s promotional materials.
  • Encouragement – talking openly and publicly to all stakeholders about our goals and our hope that they will help us to reach them.
  • Support – with the help of partner and supporting organisations, providing information and support for people and venues to make greener choices.
  • Challenges – challenging individuals, venues and artists to ‘step up’ to low-carbon challenges.
  • Incentives – rewarding low-carbon choices.
  • Recognising good practice including the annual Green Room Award for the venue which shows most commitment to lowering its environmental footprint.
  • Reviewing and reflecting on what we have achieved and setting ourselves ambitious targets year on year in relation the contemporary context.

 Download our Festival attendees guidance – Greening your night out

There are a wide number of general and industry-specific tools for measuring environmental impacts; supporting change and rewarding improvements, mostly geared to the event producer or venue, although tools designed for individuals can also be helpful for performers or small companies.


Some resources are:

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AGreenerFestival Awards

Carbon Account

Carbon Hub

Carbon Trust

Energy Savings Trust

Julie’s Bicycle

Green Tourism Scheme

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