Andrew Roach Talent Ltd & Ingenious Fools Present

CANCELLED Jo Coffey: Ungrateful Bitch (WIP)

Sunday, 20 February 2022
Time: 12:00am (12:00am)Doors open: 11:40pm
Entry: £8.00
Genre: Solo Show

In the past year Jo Coffey (NATYS finalist) has had a sandwich bought for her by a stranger, a McDonalds thrust into her hand and a massive step constructed for her, all without her asking or wanting it. She's starting to wonder if these random acts of kindness were for her benefit or theirs? Although pleasant, she is worried to leave her front door in case someone tries to buy her a sandwich she doesn't want. Is this a wider view of how disabled people are viewed in our current society or is she just being an Ungrateful Bitch? Come find out.“Won over the audience hook, line and sinker" The

Regional PremierNon-reserved Seating
Age guidance: 18 and Above (18+)
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