Luke Rollason present

CANCELLED Kit Sullivan: Mush (Work in Progress)

available anytime across the Festival
Entry: £8.00
Genre: Solo Show, Clown

Strap in for the show of your life, in a car. Put your hands in the glove box and get them out again quick as you'll need them for pointing and possibly shaking furiously. Kit Sullivan, as seen on BBC'S Mind of Herbert Clunkerdunk starring Spencer Jones, is your guide in a piece of surreal silliness so perfect it's being called a modern day 'work in progress'. And let's not forget the robot assassin boy from the future! Will he be naughty? Will he remember his hands? I hope not. The Terminator meets highly illogical buddy comedy, minus the buddy. “This act came out of nowhere”-Beyond the Joke

Regional PremierNon-reserved Seating
Age guidance: 16 and Above (16+)
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