Mirth of Forth productions present

It Just So Happened – an alternative history show

Sunday, 10 February 2019
Time: 12:00am (12:00am)Doors open: 11:40pm
Entry: £5 OR PWYW
Genre: Mixed Bill, Historical

How come only people called Victor get to write history? Even a venue as old as the 15th century Wygston's House won't have witnessed a history lesson quite like this before, as comedians bring alternative perspectives to real life events which happened 'on this day' in the dim and sometimes not so distant past. Anything they say which you think surely didn't happen, well that's just fake news, isn't it? And you can blame Victor for that.

World PremierNon-reserved Seating
Age guidance: 14 and Above (14+)
* Booking fee may apply... please see here for details

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