Dylan Dodds: GroundDodds Day
22 February 2024
Dylan Dodds: GroundDodds Day
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Dates: 22 February 2024
Time: 21:00
Duration: 60 mins
Price: £6
Genre: Stand Up
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Do you ever get Déjà vu?

Dylan’s last show ended with him deciding to have children. Then a joke about a sex toy.

Do you ever get Déjà vu?

Since then he’s been stuck in a time loop. Yes, exactly like that film! No, Bill Murray isn’t in this...

Come hear what happened next, as he tries to avoid repeating himself, elephants in rooms, and going down brain-y rabbit holes.

A stand-up show about the dangers of obsession. Silly, gag-filled, and slightly theatrical, it begs the question “How do you build a family and move forward when suddenly everything stands still?”

Do you ever get Déjà vu?

22 February 2024 9.00pm

East Street Lanes

Full: £6


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