HangDog: Work-in-Progress
14 February 2024 - 15 February 2024
HangDog: Work-in-Progress
Event Details
Dates: 14 February 2024 - 15 February 2024
Time: 21:00
Duration: 60 mins
Price: £8
Genre: Sketch
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HangDog is the turbulent, chaotic lovechild of Chester's sweetest-brained simpleton Jack Toop and London's youngest pensioner Jacob Lovick. They're the all-singing, never-dancing duo behind the hit show 'MUSIC', which toured in 2023 to critical acknowledgment. This is their new show. It's probably about GCSE Drama and Toxic Masculinity.

'HangDog have a special gift that a lot of today's comic duo acts do not seem to have.' ★★★★ Broadway Baby

'It’s just as insane as it sounds... absolutely go and check it out' North West End

'Why wouldn't you go?' ★★★★ A Youngish Perspective

14 February 2024 9.00pm

The Globe

Full: £8

Conc: £6

15 February 2024 9.00pm

Upstairs At The Western Theatre

Full: £8

Conc: £6


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