Lexx Education Live!
18 February 2024
Lexx Education Live!
Event Details
Dates: 18 February 2024
Time: 16:00
Duration: 60 mins
Price: £12
Genre: Podcast

Comedian Laura Lexx (Live at the Apollo, Mock The Week, The Now Show) was devastated when her younger brother Ron (No TV shows, he's a software guy or something) moved away from Brighton and she didn't get to see him as often. So, concerned he wouldn't facetime her as much as she wanted she made him do a podcast with her, and now, a year and a half later here they are: stuck in a hellish groundhog day of atoms and similes and absolutely no learning. It may not be scientific, but it is funny...

18 February 2024 4.00pm

Black Horse - Laughter Loft

Full: £12

Conc: £8


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