Making Leicester Comedy Festival more inclusive for comedians and audiences

Leicester is a diverse city – it’s well known that people from all over the world have made it their home. That is why it’s important for a festival such as ours to take steps to improve representation to help us welcome as many people as possible from across Leicester into our venues helping them enjoy the benefits of live comedy.

To do this, Big Difference Company is creating a fund called Bridging the Gap which will bring comedians from underrepresented groups, in particular comedians from working class backgrounds, to Leicester Comedy Festival. The fund will cover costs such as transport, accommodation and festival fees. 

Big Difference Company has been selected to participate in the Big Give’s Arts for Impact campaign. This is a crowdfunding campaign where each donation that is made to our campaign via during the week of the 19th – 26th February will be DOUBLED!

Please visit our campaign page to find out more. 




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