Leicester Comedy Festival Awards 2024

We are delighted to announce the full list of nominees for the Leicester Comedy Festival & UK Kids’ Comedy Festival Awards 2024:

  • Best Small Venue
    • Firebug
    • King Richard III Pub
    • Peter Pizzeria
    • The Big Difference
    • The Black Horse

              Winner: The Black Horse

  • Best Large Venue
    • Curve Theatre
    • De Montfort Hall
    • Market Harborough Market Hall
    • Mountsorrel Memorial Centre
    • The Y theatre
    • Wycliffe Rooms

              Winner: The Y Theatre

  • Best New Venue
    • East Street Lanes
    • James Café Bistro
    • Phoenix Terrace Room
    • Real Ale Classroom

              Winner: Real Ale Classroom 

  • Best Kids Show
    • Jeddy Bear & Gary’s Chemistry of Chaos
    • Jody Kamali: Mr Sleepybum
    • Olaf Falafel’s Stupidest Super Stupid Show (Yet)
    • Strictly Barking
    • The Mighty Kids Beatbox Comedy Show

               Winner: Olaf Falafel’s Stupidest Super Stupid Show (Yet)

  • Best Variety Show
    • Alex Camp: Songs About Love & Food
    • Bad Clowns: Hostage
    • David Eagle: Flying Solo
    • Lil Wenker: Bangtail
    • Josh Glanc: Collections
    • Fanny Dent: The Burlesque Imposter
    • Will BF: The Last Gun
    • The Totally Improvised Musical

              Winner: David Eagle: Flying Solo

  • Best New Show
    • George Lewis: Men Behaving Dadly
    • ‘Jake Lambert: The Sunshine Kid (Work in Progress)
    • James Trickey: Don’t Count On Me (WIP)
    • Luke Rollason: Luke Rollason, Let Down Your Hair
    • Rich Wilson: The Train, The Story and The Bump
    • Susie McCabe: Work in Progress

            Winner: Susie McCabe: Work in Progress

  • Best Debut Show
    • Hannah Platt: Defence Mechanism
    • Jack Skipper: Work in Progress
    • Jodie Mitchell: Becoming John Travulva
    • Kathy Maniura: Objectified
    • Kayleigh Jones: I Fed My Dad To A Pelican
    • Kev Mud: Homeless Sex Biscuit

             Winner: Jack Skipper: Work in Progress

  • Best Show
    • Daniel Foxx: Villain
    • Darran Griffiths: Inconceivable
    • Joe Kent-Walters: An Audience With Frankie Monroe
    • Michael Brunstrom: Copernicus Now
    • Milo Edwards: Sentimental
    • Thanyia Moore: August

              Winner: Joe Kent-Walters: An Audience With Frankie Monroe

  • Audience Choice
    • 14/48 Takeover – performance
    • Dan Driver: The Sound of Muzak
    • Everyday I’m Jesterin’
    • Jon Hipkiss – An Evening You Won’t Regret Unless You Don’t Like It
    • Laura Patch: Glorious
    • Nick Helm: Masterworks in Progress 2024

               Winner: Everyday I’m Jesterin’

  • Best Poster
    • Carol’s Cost of Living Craft Show
    • Richards Todd: Fine, Fine, Everything is Fine
    • Geoff Alderman: Free Range
    • Lil Wenker is Bangtail
    • A Comedian Dressed like a Wizard* Answers a Ringing Phone, Describes What is Happening for Fifty-Two Minutes, And Then Leaves: Rob Kemp

               Winner: Geoff Alderman: Free Range

  • Liberty Award
    • Festival Hub
    • Laura Wilkinson – Popcorn Funnies
    • Lukewarm Losers
    • Weirdos Comedy Weekender

               Winner: Weirdos Comedy Weekender

  • Best Promoter
    • Foxy Comedy
    • Jokes On Us
    • Just The Tonic
    • Late Stage
    • Monster Comedy
    • TripleCeePee

                Winner: Jokes On Us

  • Tracey Miller Community Award
    • All In Leicester
    • Better Points
    • Kate Frow of Foxton Primary School
    • Leicester Libraries
    • Menphys

                  Winner: All In Leicester

  • Student of the Year
    • Amisha Brandreth (Crosscut)
    • Caitlin Harries (AMAN)
    • Ellie Skinner – Lukewarm Losers (Demon)
    • Fengjiao Li – Asia Behind The Scenes (Demon)
    • Liv Mills (AMAN)
    • Molly Wilby (Aman)
    • Peter Wan – Hamster’s Cage (Demon)
    • Rhian Hiorns (Crosscut)

                 Winner: Molly Wilby 

  • Business Contribution
    • Hotel Brooklyn Leicester
    • Howes Percival LLP
    • Menphys
    • Phoenix
    • Soft Touch Arts & Jerroms Miller Specialist Tax
    • The Beautiful Pubs Collective
    • TT Country Events
    • Warning Zone Life Skills

                  Winner: The Beautiful Pubs Collective

  • Contribution to Leicester Comedy Festival 2024
    • 14/48
    • Ben Robinson
    • Reflections Design – for Laughter Pop
    • Peril Design / Paul Banks

                   Winner: Ben Robinson for creating the Leicester Comedy Festival app 

Chris Maughan Lifetime Contribution Award

Winner: Rob Gee

Legend of Comedy

Winner: Jenny Eclair


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